Physics Resources

How Stuff Works : For basically EVERYTHING. Also Try the podcast ‘Stuff You Should Know‘
Hyper Physics : This is at a level high enough for an undergraduate physics degrees, but explains everything very well!
The IOP’s outreach resource list
The IOP’s Education Kit
ExoPlanets from the IOP
Interactive Simulations
Supporting Physics
The Times Education Supplement’s resource centre
Sense About Science: a nice site if you need quick advice: a nobel laureate, postdoc and PhD student database with over 6,000 contributors.
UCL’s outreach centre
Cambridge’s outreach efforts– needs a big revamp design wise but good info for lecture series and undergraduate
Ben Goldacre’s column from The Guardian
Practical physics for the classroom from Nuffield
BBC Bitesize: Your first stop for curriculum focussed science
The Scale of the Universe: To make you feel really small…
The Material World podcast from the BBC
Cambridge‘s Senior Physics Challenge
Oxford‘s Women in Physics
IOP‘s Expand Physics A-Level Leaflets
IOP‘s Opening Doors, Guide to Gender Diversity in Schools
Tomorrow’s Engineers is great: cool engineering resources
Deutsche Bank: Born to Be
Ada Lovelace Resources in Schools: Resources
WISE Campaign People Like Me