Slides & Upcoming:

New slide set: download (STEM & CPE)

Upcoming adventures:

Saturday 5th Nov: 13:00 @ UCL – “Geology Open Day”

Monday 7th Nov: 18:30 @ Royal Institution – Astrobiology, the Truth is Out There (Jim Al khalili)

Tuesday 8th Nov: 17:30- Molecular Biophysics @ the Randall Centre, Guy’s Campus, New Hunt’s House, SE1 1UL (by London Bridge)

Tuesday 8th Nov: 18:30 Revolutionary science in the age of the guillotine, Royal Society (NO booking, turn up early)

Thursday 10th Nov: ALL DAY- WISE Campaign Conference

Weds 16th Nov: 18:30 @ IOP – Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who (+ annual dinner, they are invited if they are keen)

Thursday 17th Nov: 18:30 @ Royal Society – Our Window on the Universe  (NO booking, turn up early)

Tuesday 22nd Nov: 17:30 – Robotics with KCL Robotics society, Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS (by Temple)

Tuesday 22nd Nov: 17:00, Wimbledon High School Exoplanets Lecture QMUL

Wednesday 23rd Nov: 18:30, Royal Institution Operating at the boundaries: The science and art of getting things done

Thursday 24th Nov: Design Museum Opens

28th November: 18:30, Royal Institution “What’s the use of consciousness?”

30th November: Crime Lates at the Science Museum

30th November: 18:30 @ IOP – Human Colour Vision

1st December: 18:00 @ IET- Young Women Engineer of the Year Awards

7th December: 18:30 @ IOP “Detecting gravitational waves – a new window on the universe”


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