The launch of the #QEPrize for Engineering

icah-logo-v21The launch of the #QEPrize for Engineering was perfect Southbank evening and a fitting farewell to the Design Museum’s Tower Bridge digs. The canapés were off the hook: truffles you had to forage for whilst listening to pig-like grunting sounds in headphones and exquisite mini cheese burgers. The engineering was cool too- Tio, the one-stop invention box, Bold Hearts, the robocup team from Hertfordshire and 3D doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen (think glorified glue gun). There was also Haize, an illuminated, smart-phone control bike compass, and some kind of plastic candy floss, Polyfloss. There was a lot of free drink and a jubilant Network Rail, who announce they’re now above 30 % female engineers. Engineering is increasingly becoming my favourite subject.

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