The Marylebone Micro:bit

finally got my hands on a BBC micro:bit, playing with St Marylebone, St George’s and Westminster Academy creating devices for the modern world. We start of with a brief intro to coding by Phil, the father of Faraday days. All of the teacher resources are on the IET website here. Over the course of the morning it was awesome to see the teachers warm to the gadgets which they’ve kept stashed in their cupboards. The micro:bits have accelerometers, USB connectors, LED screens and loads of pins (it’s like an attractive breadboard) to connect thermistors, buzzers and light dependent resistors. The school and teacher teams were so creative, the teams so dynamic and their presentations were perfectly pitched. We saw students go from crazy level of confidence to crumbling in front of the judging panel to regaining their confidence and warming up again. Totally magic.

Final poster - pdf

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