BSW: Monday 21/03

After a super rewarding meeting discussing physics education with just about my favourite voice on physics education (this one was, surprisingly, not dedicated to girls in physics but was focused on universities offering a Physics + Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) course) I walked to Charing Cross to get the Northern Line to basically the opposite end of the Northern Line to where I belong. With my ‘girls in science’ hat on I visited Streatham & Clapham High School, one of eleven GDST (Girls’ Day School Trust) secondary schools in London. Streatham & Clapham has undergone some pretty big staff changes over the past few years and under the guidance of Sarah Fitzgibbon boasts an impressive AS physics class. Over science week they’ve had careers talks, workshops, university visits and made some really awesome science posters.

An afternoon of important calls with a PR company about a tech-focussed round table discussion about inspiring young women into science and engineering, a North London academy about physics and maths tutorial sessions and a teacher about a science journal, I was ready to sleep and prepare for the terror of Tuesday…

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