The UK Space Design Competition

My full post on the UK SDC Grand Final is available on the Imperial news website here.

So, even for me, Saturday and Sunday were pretty mental. I was at ICL, I was at KCL, I was at ICL, I was at KCL, I was at ICL, I was eventually home- only to spend all of Sunday in SW7. I didn’t get to do all of my weekend sports classes (I didn’t actually get to do any :()- instead I was with 260 insanely bright students designing space settlements for 2,500 inhabitants.

IMG_5422The UKSDC Grand Final united all the winners of regional and online heats for the big decider: who will represent the UK in the international finals at the NASA space centre this summer? Well, the answer is- MY TEAM! I was ‘CEO’, which basically means I sat there and was mesmerised by their management and (genuinely) inspired by their innovation. I kept our team hub full of food and made sure everyone was talking to each other, but IMG_5421really this team was out-of-this-world- I kind of knew from a few minutes in they’d win. Example: they’d diplomatically voted in the president and heads of automations, marketing, operations, structural and human engineering before I’d managed to plug in my laptop charger. If you watch my quick video above, you’ll see that these aren’t you’re average teenagers: they’ve chosen incredibly sensible A-levels and they will change the world.

It also let me see how much Domino’s pizza £1,500 can buy you. The answer is: a lot.

The presentations on Sunday were sensational: all on less than an hours sleep and all full of enough material to spread over a whole academic term. They’ve designed robots, they’d considered how much toilet roll 2,500 inhabitants would need on an 80-day trip to Mars and they’ve got a plan for the ‘luxury’ honeymoon suite. They’re also all under eighteen and presenting in the Sir Alexander Flemming building main lecture theatre, which is where my dad gave his seminal once-a-year lecture on stroke to first year medical students. Talk about a big honour.

Science on the Strand: The KCL Science Festival was the brainchild of Dr Helen Coulshed, a teaching fellow in the Department of Chemistry at King’s. It’s really the first of it’s kind for KCL, integrating mathematical answers with financial hotshots, chemistry experts and kings of cryptography. here were hands-on physics demos, liquid nitrogen frozen bananas and in situ

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