STEMettes x RISE Hack

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 and Mother’s Day, the STEMettes partnered with RISE to deliver an inspirational all girl Hackathon, where coders as young as six created their own apps and websites. RISE’s mission statement:

– Encourage young people to save
– Encourage young people to spend thoughtfully
– Rewarding them for demonstrating these positive behaviours

The STEMettes are on an all-girl mission to educate the young about opportunities in tech and I’m so pro everything they do it’s almost ridiculous. Yet again they’ve pulled together some awesome judges (from Barclays and RISE), some inspirational teachers and some enthusiastic volunteers (one girl had travelled from Cardiff and was sleeping in a hostel near Whitechapel)- oh, and the mandatory sweets…


You can follow the days events on twitter (#RiseHack) and check out the STEMettes Flickr for the photos.

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