More medical school advice! :D

I’ve just been speaking to my buddies at Newham College who wanted medical school advice- and have been doing a bit of homework!
I’ve had a look at Newham’s volunteering opportunities:
There is Richard House Children’s Hospice: They need volunteers. Also, bucket collecting is really worthwhile:
There is also St. Joseph’s, which have great volunteer opportunities:
There is also Saint Francis
You can always volunteer in one of their shops, which would look really good.
Also, all of them have a range of fundraising activities, which would be fun and worthwhile taking part in!
This group are specifically aimed at widening access to medical school: They will assign you a mentor and can even help with work experience.
This three day programme will give you the opportunity to learn about many of the exciting careers open to you in the NHS and give you an insight into some of the less known professions. We hope the programme will give our local students a better understanding and help them make informed career choices. Our spaces are very limited and we will be selecting students carefully to ensure we are giving this opportunity to the most dedicated future Health professionals. The programme is open to students with an interest in pursuing a health career (especially medical professions) who are currently in year 11 and 12. A list of schools participating in our Health Careers Programme is available on our website and students from these schools will be given priority during the selection process.
There is also an ‘East London Health Careers project. It is full at the moment, but you should encourage your college to join their scheme (unless you are also known as ‘Newham Sixth Form College’.
For London schools:
UCL have a medical school outreach scheme: They will also assign you a mentor for free, who will help directly with work experience:
King’s College also have one: and do a lot of work with students of your age:
This is a great programme, and you can apply from December (I’ll help with your app):
If you’re worried about grades, King’s also offer a course for students at non-selective state schools
Barts and The London have some open days coming up: (can you book online?)
Royal National Orthopaedic Trust offer work experience
Barking (quite near) offer work experience, if you contact Jean Thompson directly. (Non-Clinical work experience placements. There are also many other non-medical work experience opportunities, for students aged 14 – 18 who are at school or college, at BHRUT and if you are interested in those, you should contact Jean Thompson, Voluntary Services Manager on
If you have family living outside of London, most trusts offer work experience.
It’s worth following the Institute of Cancer Research:
AstraZeneca, who are a huge pharmaceutical company offer work experience too:  (It’s in Cambridge)
For inspiration:
It’s worth watching a few TED lectures about medicine:
The Royal Society offer lots of fun science events: and next week there is a huge Summer Science Exhibition which is free for all ages:

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