What a week ..(ctd)

In science I’m looking at a polymer and small molecules, and how they arrange themselves when we change the shape of the polymer or the size of the small molecules. It’s actually pretty exciting stuff, and we can see it all in a few peaks from our Raman spectrometer. If you want to hear more, send me and email, and I’ll overwhelm you with multicoloured graphs, gifs of dancing molecules and cross polarised microscope images.  The IntoUniversity lecture was to 30 year 10 students in SAF medical school. I prepared a 30 min talk about IC, physics and organic semiconductors, but it lasted an hour!  It was such an awesome group, who all took notes throughout and asked perfect questions, jess

“So with an organic solar cell… If I have a lamp shining on it in my house.. Could I like.. Power the lamp? And get infinite energy?”

Just brilliant!  There were so many questions about applications to imperial, different courses and university life, I know the people at IntoUniversity are doing great work with these students. I’ll upload my slides later today, but am really honoured to have taken part and am super grateful to Samantha Choma at IntoUniversity for making it happen.

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