What a week!

It’s been an insane week of work: never ending experiments, which make more questions than they answer, broken apparatus, thrifty solutions, career’s fairs, group meeting presentations and an awesome ‘mini lecture’ with IntoUniversity.

The career’s fair was interesting: not sure what bureaucratic decision put Imperial College (of Science and Technology) inbetween the London School of Beauty and Cutting College, but I made it work. A few interesting questions: ‘what degree do I need to do to be a CEO in a bank? Please tell me what a-levels I’ll need and what I should apply for. I’m not interested in maths’ or ‘what if I fail all the maths courses? Is that okay?’ And ‘do you offer social care?’. There were a few budding engineers, who me and a super cool rep from the institute of engineering and technology spoke too, a a fair few potential medics. I gave out lots of prospectuses and adverts for our upcoming IC festival, along with awesome physics leaflets from the IOP. If you’re going to an event or doing a talk, the IOP education team are super useful (Here) for resources and handouts. Anyway, it was fun, and I think I managed to convince people science is the future, no matter what path they travel to get there…

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