Imperial’s STEM Potential Course

Today I helped with the Imperial College STEM Potential Easter School. STEM Potential is a free non-residential programme where year 10 students recieve masterclasses in science, engineering and maths. It’s all organised by the lovely people in the reach out lab, who provide materials, support and guidance for PhD leaders and UG assistants. I taught physics, and as it was my first time took their suggestion of making pinhole cameras and galilelan telescopes. I ran three of the workshops, so learnt a few lessons:

  • Introduce myself properly- who I am, how I fit in to Imperial College…
  • Be on top of your material, and anticipate questions
  • Have some extra physics facts to throw into the session

There were lots of different schools represented, from across greater London. Whilst initial conversation was about who was missing school (it was the week after Easter Sunday), the group discussed careers in science and what they were learning in science at school.

The slides I used are  here (Pinhole Cameras, Galilean Telescopes). I was super nervous before the first session. The material is a bit limited for a two hour session with year 10s, but there were some pretty nice cameras and telescopes knocking about. I really enjoyed talking to all the different students about their schools and plans for the future. I really hope the reach out lab consider employing me again!

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