This is not an April Fools: girls in Brussels really want to learn about ICT during their easter holidays! G4G Cisco is the first of many G4G at work events, where girls of 11+ spend their afternoons in industry somewhere near Brussels airport. With the only criteria being able to speak English, the girls descended upon Cisco HQ.

Cisco is a cool place where you can connect instantly via HD web cam to their offices around the world. Their labs are endless stacks of whirring hard drives, where they solve some of the most complex networking issues in companies across the world. The girls had their own telepresences with Poland, Rome and London. They were impressed by the holographic telepresences of the future: which will save the NHS millions in GP visits. The girls toured the labs and asked great questions about power cuts and coloured wires. After a super clear intro to programming and functions by team Cisco, the group learnt the basics of coding using fun games on code.org/learn. To wrap up the girls used their codes to programme blinking LEDs using MIT’s software, scratch.

The cleverly arranged afternoon focussed around Cisco’s airy and bright reception lobby, where the girls would stop to stock up on mini cookies, frankfurters, and an incredibly generous selection of posh sandwiches.

G4G are doing something really awesome to excite girls about taking up science- and continuing it until they get to university. Now it’s up to science to make itself more fun and keep their attention.


My photos are below, but there are (literally) hundreds here


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