Thursday: Spectro- and Periscopes with Marlborough Primary

It’s been a good week for science: we’ve had our G4G London/ IC event okayed by some pretty big dogs at Imperial, I’ve taught particle physics and electromagnetism, and I spent an amazing day at a primary school.

As part of National Science Week, on Thursday I visited Marlborough Primary in SW3. To celebrate the International Year of Light, we spent the day discussing sources and reflectors, light travelling in straight lines, reflection and refraction. You can find my slides here. With year one we made and decorated periscopes, and year three played with invisible water pearls and handheld spectroscopes. The kids were super happy, super excited and super intelligent. I got the periscope kits from MindSets Online.

Epic quotes from they day:

Jess: “Does anyone know where light really comes from?”

Todah, year 3 (aged 7): “Well I’m not sure, but in an atom, there’s a nucleus, with orbiting electrons…”


Jess: “When I was your age, I saw a solar eclipse. So when you’re my age…”

year 3 “Miss Jess! How old are you?”

Jess: “I’m 26”

year 3: “You look about 12 !”

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