A crazy month

Radio silence from my end- we’ve been super busy in the lab. We’ve had two UK-Korea conferences, one at NPL between lots of different universities and companies, and one at Imperial between the Centre of Plastic Electronics and Gwangju Institute. It’s been exhausting, exhilarating and inspirational- I feel there is a whole new scientific enthusiasm in our group. We’ve visited companies (see pictures below!), sat through seminars and had surprisingly fun meetings. Alongside all of this I’ve been visiting schools to push science and arranging postgraduate events (a highly successful three minute thesis competition and a bake sale).

Here’s an update on the school’s I’ve been to:

Haverstock School: PSHEE Day ‘How to apply to University’

St Paul’s Girls School: Science at university, Imperial College, Plastic Electronics

Imperial Fringe Festival: Light of the new dawn

Imperial SEO Talk: Science Taster Day

DPRK Youth Ensemble: Imperial College and Light!

Sydenham Girls School: Destination university evening

Putney Girls School: Science at university, Imperial College, Plastic electronics

London Oratory: Organic Electronics and Imperial College

Parliament Hill School: Career’s Carousel for International Women’s Day

Marlborough Primary School: Light experiments for science Week

New End Primary School: Year 5 Forces Easter Egg Hunt

Most recently I visited the London Oratory and Parliament Hill– which were both awesome. The Oratory is a recently renovated modern masterpiece, with windowed walls and lovely staff. The thirty scientists sixth formers were super enthusiastic about physics at university and plastic electronics. Parliament Hill was not quite as structurally beautiful but had a great vibe- it was a Monday morning and the girls were energised and enthusiastic about our ‘Career’s Carousel’ for to celebrate International Women’s Day. Think of it like professional feminist speed dating: five girls spent 6 minutes with 10 different women and had to guess what their career was and then quiz them about it. Luckily I hid my Imperial College ID card (although I did get a bit of ‘is it a sixth form college? are you a teacher?). I really loved the time there!

My talk is available here!

I’m redesigning the Queen’s Tower information booklet which you get when you know who to lead your tour of the IC campus. To do this I’m using the epic Imperial College media library and my awesome muji pens.

Scan 15

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