Imperial’s Fringe Festival ‘LIT UP’

On Thursday evening we had the Imperial Fringe Festival, which opened our celebrations of the ‘International Year of Light’.  It is a brilliant year to be a physicist, and IC celebrated by showing a screening of Theory of Everything. The film was introduced by Professor Jerome Gauntlett, from the theoretical physics department. There were heaps of cool things at the festival; inlcuding a lego spectrometer, stellar-graffiti from our Arts society and light entertainment from the Imperial A Capella society.

When I got home at 20:40 my throat was sore ! We spent hours explaining how hydrocarbons could semiconduct, how we made conducting inks, how we print on plastics and how we make flexible electronic devices. Everyone was interested in organic semiconductors and how they could get their hands on them: artists from the RCA who wanted to paint with polymer inks, residents of SW7 who wanted to line their sails with flexible solar panels and a Russian oligarch who just wanted his daughter to pretend to smile…I had such a great time. The fascinating woman I spoke to for > 20 minutes turned out to be the college president! So much thanks to the heroic Xuhua Wang, who not only invited me to help but did the awesome polymer paintings and arranged our CPE table.


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