Some logos..

It’s been a really exciting week, and I’ve been invited to sit on Imperial College’s JUNO committee. The Departmental Juno Transparency and Opportunity Committee was established in 2007 to implement the Institute of Physics’ Juno Code of practice which aims to support best practice for all staff with particular attention to putting in place practical actions to address the under representation of women in university physics. It’s a great idea, and the committee consists of some of the biggest names in the physics department!

In order to make sure my efforts to keep girls in physics are long-lasting, I’m making a Women in Physics community at Imperial College. This will offer all undergraduate, postgraduate and post doctoral students support and a sense of community. We’ll be launching a website at the end of March (on the Imperial College Physics page). For now, here are some logos I’ve been working on (can you guess why I made them ?)

ICWiPAnswers (pulsar, Feynman diagram, poloniumconic sectionsomega, female LED). The ones in bold were all discoveries made by women in physics!

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