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Activities and Events


20th – 21st April: Final of F1 in schools
20th April: Imperial College Women in Physics Year 12 Open Day
21st April: Salter’s Festival of Chemistry
22nd April: WES CPD Conference
29th April: Deadline for Shell’s Bright Ideas Challenge 
4th May: Rise of the Robots- Progress in Intelligent Control
5th May: IOP’s 3 Minute Wonder
7th – 8th May: Imperial College Festival 
12th May: London Future Leaders Award Deadline 
18th May: Mission to Mars

Note, WES Summer school list: Download List here!

1st June: Feynman’s Lost Lecture
1st – 4th June: Imagineering in Bath
7th – 12th June: Cheltnham Science Festival
13th – 14th June: STEMTech Conference
16th June: Mars exploration: Curiosity and beyond
23rd June: National Women in Engineering Day
25th June – 1st July: UK Robotics Week
27th June: Centre for Robotics Research Open Day
28th June: Technology: A World of Possibilities
27th – 30th June: Engineering Summer School at Imperial College London
27th June: Institute of Making Festival of Stuff
30th June – 1st July: Shell, Make the Future London
4th July: Sutton Grammar Regional Big Bang Fair
4th – 8th July: Year 12 Work Experience at Imperial College
5th – 8th July: Meet the Scientist, Science Museum
5th – 10th July: Royal Society Summer Exhibtion
11th – 15th July: Mission Discovery, King’s College London
11th – 15th July: Year 11 Summer School Imperial College London
13th July: British Science Association, the Colour Lab
15th July: Ministry of sense: Hunting the Higgs
25th July: Mathematical Origami
25th July: Feel the Power
27th July: Forensics at the RI
28th July: On Track: Designing Railways at the RI
26th – 29th July: Year 10 Summer School Imperial College London
2nd August: The enigma of cryptography at the RI
2nd – 5th August: Sutton Trust Summer School Imperial College London
9th – 12th August: Sutton Trust Summer School Imperial College London
6th – 11th September: British Science Assosciation National Science Festival 
24 – 25th September: Imperial x STEMettes Hackathon
2nd November: Principia Conference Portsmouth
5th November: Principia Student Conference York
Saturday 5th Nov: 13:00 @ UCL – “Geology Open Day”
Monday 7th Nov: 18:30 @ Royal Institution – Astrobiology, the Truth is Out There (Jim Al khalili)
Tuesday 8th Nov: 17:30- Molecular Biophysics @ the Randall Centre, Guy’s Campus, New Hunt’s House, SE1 1UL (by London Bridge)
Tuesday 8th Nov: 18:30 Revolutionary science in the age of the guillotine, Royal Society (NO booking, turn up early)
Thursday 10th Nov: ALL DAY- WISE Campaign Conference
Weds 16th Nov: 18:30 @ IOP – Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who
Thursday 17th Nov: 18:30 @ Royal Society – Our Window on the Universe  (NO booking, turn up early)
Tuesday 22nd Nov: 17:30 – Robotics with KCL Robotics society, Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS (by Temple)
Tuesday 22nd Nov: 17:00, Wimbledon High School Exoplanets Lecture QMUL
Wednesday 23rd Nov: 18:30, Royal Institution Operating at the boundaries: The science and art of getting things done
Thursday 24th Nov: Design Museum Opens
28th November: 18:30, Royal Institution “What’s the use of consciousness?”
30th November: Crime Lates at the Science Museum
30th November: 18:30 @ IOP – Human Colour Vision
1st December: 18:00 @ IET- Young Women Engineer of the Year Awards
7th December: 18:30 @ IOP “Detecting gravitational waves – a new window on the universe”

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